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Sports Health

1 month

Team OMNIA were tasked with a unique opportunity to develop a new brand identity and subsequent investor pitch presentation for an innovative Omega-3 supplement.

Scientifically developed to help recovery from sports-related injury, the brief was to create a ‘stand out’ appeal to effortlessly promote the products unique selling point within the saturated market of omega-3 products whilst positioning the identity and brand feel to talk to a wide-ranging audience – from amateurs to professional sportspeople.

OMNIA began this project with a number of brand consultations with the client to fully understand the product and its USP. We concentrated on developing an understanding of how the product should look and connect with the target market. We also worked closely with the client through each design stage to accurately communicate key points of information and how to visualise and simplify research data in the most effective way.

The final outcome for GameChangerO3 was a dynamic new brand identity combining an aesthetic evoking adrenaline fast-paced sports along with healing and fast recovery. The brand was then applied to initial packaging concepts and to an investor sales deck.

Our crafts utilised

  • Presentation design
  • Brand Design
  • Investor sales deck design
  • Identity
  • Infographics
  • Packaging design

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