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When it comes to presentation templates, bespoke is best

When you are preparing a company presentation you should consider that the master elements in your document are effectively corporate brand stationery – just for screen use rather than print. By creating a template with well-constructed master pages you can ensure that your content is always framed in a way that is consistent with your brand guidelines.

Your presentations should always be branded for your organisation’s unique look and be in line with the styling of the rest of your collateral. Well designed master pages in a pre-set template can help play a part of establishing that branding.

A custom set of slides is generally composed of a number of templates

Typically this would be a Powerpoint or Keynote document with master pages designed for a cover and body slide. Backgrounds would be locked down, as well as header, body and bullet text formatting but the body slide text area image allows for inserting new content.

Also included within the template master pages would be styles and graphics including company logos, brand graphic devices and brand colour palette.

Why use a custom template?

Brand recognition – helps reinforce your brand and identity.

Build positive perception – the visual polish of your presentation will contribute towards the perception of your company.

Establish credibility – a well-designed custom presentation template helps establish authenticity and trust. It lets the audience know you’re an organisation with a professional outlook.

Consistency of approach – bespoke templates created in advance ensure uniformity across presentations and different presenters – which can be very important in compliance areas.

custom designed presentation template can quickly establish your company’s credibility and successfully extend your corporate branding. It can be used to refresh or upgrade any of your existing presentations and can be used again and again for any presentations you build in the future, making it a sound investment with ongoing value.

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