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1 month

Péarlaí provides an innovative real-time data tracking system for the retail sector. The brief was to bring their distinct offer and USP to life.

The problem

Péarlaí’s existing sales pitch deck made the offer difficult to understand for potential clients unfamiliar with the concepts involved. Text descriptions and photographs of a technology-based product can seem a bit dry and lifeless. What was needed was a visual route to clearly represent the system in action and show how it could be implemented into a customers business environment and the key benefits this would deliver.

The solution

Through many discussions, we developed a thorough understanding of the product features and benefits. From this, we devised a visual strategy for communicating this information in the most engaging and intuitive manner. The existing sales presenter was completely redesigned, realigned with current brand touchpoints, and converted into a fully editable PowerPoint slide deck. New graphic devices and imagery were added to explain the product with minimal text, resulting in a simplified delivery focusing the presentation to clearly articulate the concept to potential clients.

Created in Microsoft PowerPoint

Our crafts utilised

  • Presentation design
  • PowerPoint design
  • Illustration
  • Infographics

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