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This is the first of our series of Top 3’s that inspire Team Omnia.

Starting with a city we all know and love, our home Edinburgh. Our office is situated in the heart of this beautiful and charming city which inspires us every day. Here are our top picks of locations in Edinburgh that guarantee incredible views over the dramatic city landscape.

1. National Museum of Scotland

Climbing the 7 storeys of Scotland’s National Museum to its dedicated viewing platform offers breathtaking views of the city centre. Away from the noise and traffic, up here the tranquil settings are best for viewing Edinburgh Castle perched atop dramatic volcanic rock.

2. Corstorphine Hill

To the west of the city, Corstorphine Hill is most known for being home to pandas and penguins at Edinburgh Zoo. Climb to the very top and you’ll be treated to some of the most uninterrupted views of the city all the way from the castle down to Leith and the Firth of Forth.

3. Arthur’s Seat

Last but not least if there’s any viewpoint in Edinburgh that’s a must see it’s from the top of Arthur’s Seat. The highest point in Edinburgh (and an extinct volcano) it offers awe-inspiring views over the whole city and beyond.

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